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Hi, my name is Paula. I’m the one in the back. LOLAbout Paula That’s my dog, Debo in front. He’s only a pup there.

I created this website, because I want to help you.  There are a lot of people, including myself, who struggle with belly fat and want answers.  I want to enlighten others with surprising facts I have uncovered in regards to belly fat, and hope to help you with your struggles of trying to lose the belly fat forever by following simple rules and techniques, and understanding what works and what does not.

We should be concerned about belly fat

I’ve tried different exercises, diets, and pills, with no great results.  So I researched, and found some interesting facts regarding belly fat, the causes, why we should be concerned and the things we can do to reduce and eliminate fat from our mid section.

Treat the problem not the symptom

We need to stop treating the symptoms and treat the problem.  I am upset at the doctors prescribing medications in order to treat symptoms and not the actual problem that is causing the symptom.  A lot of illnesses or symptoms have an alternative treatment, but the pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors don’t practice it.  They don’t freely suggest other options.  They’re not educated in alternative medicines.  There are doctors who do practice alternative medicines, but they are not listed in our covered insurance plans.  So we have to do our own homework and research.

Stresses and belly fat

I lost a brother when I was 5, my father when I was 16, and was divorced when I was 45.  I’ve had a lot of stresses in my life which have to do with my struggles with belly fat later in life.  I started having problems after two children.  Both were c-sections.  Then things started getting worse as I aged.  My metabolism slowed down drastically after age 50 and more so thru menopause.

Healthy first then lose the weight

I have learned that we need to be healthy first and then we can lose the weight.  Keep coming back to my site to find interesting facts regarding foods, health and  weight loss.  Apply what you learn from my website to your life style and watch the belly fat melt away, the weight comes off and you feel better with more energy.  Stop doing what others are doing.  Do what’s best for your body.

Leave comments, questions and suggestions below

Please leave your comments and other questions below.  I’m constantly updating with new information to help us with weight and health problems.  Please list anything you would like to read about in regards to foods, health, or weight loss, and I would be happy to add any updates I know will be useful.

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